Terms and conditions



  • Buyers commission is 10% plus IVA.
  • Sellers commission is 15% plus IVA
  • All products are sold without warranty.
  • Products can remain on our premises for a maximum of 3 weeks. After this they must be removed given to charity .
  • Products to be paid for in cash.
  • All moneys not collected within 3 months will be given to charity.


  • All items that are put in the auction, for a maximum of three weeks. If not sold, are to be withdrawn within one week. given to charity.
  • Auctions La Daya will retain a 15% commission, plus 21% Vat (IVA) payable on the commission only.
  • The sellers that don’t collect their money or products, that have not sold in three months, will lose their money or the products.
  • Auctions La Daya, shall not be liable for theft or damage and all goods are left at owners risk, whilst in our warehouse, except those products, that have proof of purchase.